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What We Do

MetalloSoft is a software development venture. We have three programmers working here including myself. I am Charlie, the owner. Je suis really! Oh, and the admin staff. Now, I believe that software should be simple yet elegant and the final product should serve a meaningfull purpose. Our business principals are basic. It comes from thinking up ideas, brainstorming whether it will have market value, free or not, and then scribbling the code. Just like that.

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Why We Do

We write software products for one reason: We enjoy it, we love it and most of all we want people to use it. Years back my first intrest in computing came from fiddling with hacks in order to tweak system settings like changing the default computer system folder icons, customizing looks and the like. At that stage I was infatuated with tweaking and customizing Windows®. Mostly just for the sake of changing things. Needless to say, I soon became hooked on some basic coding and I started teaching myself more advanced scripting and programming languages. It wasn't long before I started writing scripts and applications for companies. It paid off, a little, and still does but here we are. People are using our software and that's delightful. That's why we do what we do!


This site is the our official developer's website. This is the place where all MetalloSoft developments, articles, designs and anything else we have to offer, that fits into our profile, will be hosted. Like most developers, we appreciate when customers interact, give critisism, suggestions or comments. Sections on our site have been made available for the purpose of interaction like sending messages, commenting or guest bookings. Feel free to keep us informed about your wants and needs.


There are some good people out there, let me tell you that. People who don't ask questions, well not too many, and don't ask a single dime for hosting our products. They are professional, with good stature and with good reputation. Our mainstream publishers and hosting sites for downloadable content are Softpedia, CNET Download and MajorGeeks. We thank them for all the effort they put in, the good reviews and the continued support they are giving us.

Charlie Lates
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