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What is "Browser Curb" ?'s a place where you can link to popular sites in order to update your favorite browser.

Updating my browser? But why? Outdated browsers are on the curb...not on the main highway busy surfing safely...period. Websites and the Web in itself is changing every second, every minute. In order to enjoy the features that the ever changing Internet with it's throbbing heartbeat has to to offer, one has to keep one's finger on the pulse.

Is my browser up to date?...and how sure am I? This is the kind of question you must ask yourself everytime when accessing the Internet. Hackers ask these same questions as if they were you. Outdated browsers are easily exploited by shifty people trying to steal your personal information, banking details and so on, while constantly seeking oportunities for exploitation and to lure you into clicking on that one deadly link.

Frequent updating is the key: There are basically two kinds of browser users where updating is concerned. On the one hand it's the ones that will allow their browsers to update automatically. All modern browsers have built-in features to do this anyway and these are the guys using those features. Enough said, can't collaborate further, well done and clever. On the other hand, you have a lot of browser users who prefer to update manually and that's OK too, but as long as you do it frequently, not? Absolutely, but what would "frequently" mean? As frequent as hackers and thiefs try to exploit your personal information? As frequently as web designers create new features and code for internet experiences and enjoyment? We hope so.

The bottom line is this: Outdated browsers have limited features, they are bug prone, a security risk and they are hampering the web's advancement. The companies who develop browser software care and they offer to protect you all the time, for free!

Read more about this initiative in the GENERAL INFO section on this page.

Mozilla Firefox Update Checks Logo Generic Icon

Mozilla Firefox


"We believe your personal information belongs only to you. That€™s why Firefox is filled with features to ensure that€™s the case."
- Mozilla

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Update Checks Visit Google Chrome Browser Icon

Google Chrome


"Get the best of Google when you browse with Chrome. Chrome and Google work together to bring you more."
- Google

Visit Chrome Get Chrome Canary
Visit Microsoft Internet Explorer Updates and Add-ons Check Icon

Internet Explorer


"Explore amazing new websites built in collaboration with Internet Explorer...experience the beauty of the web."
- Microsoft

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Microsoft Edge Internet Browser Windows 10 Visit Website Logo Image

Microsoft Edge


"Designed to work the way you do and help you get things done through easy sharing, reading and discovery."
- Microsoft

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CyberFox Previously from Mozilla Internet Browser 64-bit Update Checks Logo Image



"Taking over where Mozilla left off, Working to make a fast, stable & reliable web browser accessible to all."
- 8pecxstudios

Visit SourceForge Visit Cyberfox
Opera Internet Browser Default Website Browser Check Logo Image



"Opera has been hard at work to help speed up browsing. Videos start faster thanks to built-in video support."
- Opera

Visit Opera
Vivaldi built on modern web technologies JavaScript React Internet Browser Image Logo



"An advanced browser made with the power user in mind. Finally you can surf your way."
- Vivaldi

Visit Vivaldi
Rendering Internet Pages with Lunascape 6 Triple Engine Internet Browser Image

Lunascape 6 Orion


"Three most popular rendering engines integrated into one single browser; fast and highly cusomizable."
- Lunascape

Visit Lunascape

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