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...catalog any CD-DVD collection. v0.9.8.9

This program was designed to create browsable and searchable catalogs of the contents of any directory whether on optical, physical or flash drive media types. For example, it will be used to create catalogs of CD or DVD collections. DiskCat indexes all found items in a given path, creates dummy (zero byte) files of each of the items and archives them in exactly the same folder and path structure as the original folder... all into one single archive. It's like creating a snapshot of the contents of a directory.

The format of the created catalog archives are in ZIP (Compressed folder) format. These archives can be opened, extracted and browsed by using DiskCat or another compatible or associated program. Because of DiskCat's method of creating browsable catalogs of disk contents, these ZIP files are tiny and extraction processes are extremely fast.

CD-DVD Cataloging and Search Convenience...
Ever encountered the task of searching for a picture, audio file or program that was backed up on some disk somewhere? Well, if you have created searchable catalogs of all your CD-DVD disks with DiskCat, then finding that item will be easy. DiskCat can search in all your catalogs and find the file you've been looking for... and quick too. This utility is not something that a person will use everyday, but when the time comes and you really have to find something that's been backed up a while ago, then it will definitely come in handy.



Release Info

Version: (current)
Application type:  CD-DVD Catalog and Indexing Utility
Install Support:  Full install and uninstall support
OS Requirements:  Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
OS Bits:  32 and 64-bit
System Requirements:  CPU 1.6 GHz, RAM 512MB, Any GPU
Language:  English
License:  Free
Support Documents:  ReadMe | Changelog | EULA | PAD (xml)
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DiskCat CD-DVD Catalog Utility
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