DiskCat Changelog

Product:  DiskCat
Company:  MetalloSoft
Website:  http://metallosoft.com
E-mail:   metallosoft@live.com
Type:     Disk or folder catalog and indexing utility
OS:       Windows® XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 (x86 and x64)
Language: English
License:  FREE

This program was designed to create browsable and searchable catalogs
of the contents of any directory whether on optical, physical or flash
drive media types. The program can be used to create catalogs of
contents for CD or DVD collections for instance.

Changelog for DiskCat Version 0.9:
This was the initial release of the software package.
Changelog for DiskCat Version - October 2015
1. Fixed some issues regarding anti-virus false positives found on
retmp.exe and dcexit.exe sub applications used by the DiskCat main
program. The "retmp.exe" application is used and called by the main
program and its primary function is to clean up all temporary working
files for the main program when a new disk catalog is being created.
On the other hand, "dcexit.exe" is called when the user aborts a
catalog creation process and aborts all processes and child processes
used by the main DiskCat.exe program. The above changes are in fact
related to sub programs or binary code related to the main
application, but for the sake of keeping things simple, we will be
listing all changes with reference to the main program's changelog and
other documents like Readme's etc.
NOTE: At first, we packed these two sub executables by using ExeScript
(EverStrike Software), but there were so many virus reports found on
our applications that we have decided not to use ExeScript any longer
for packing or compiling code.
Changelog for DiskCat Version - November 2015
1. The program will remember the last "browse to" directory if it was
a folder on a computer. When the user browsed to a folder on the
current computer, the program reverted to the user's desktop
directory; we changed this behavior so that the program will remember
and open the last directory that was used in order to create a catalog
for. The same rule will also apply when saving directory listings from
inside the search dialog.
2. Changed code to reduce CPU strain when cleaning up temporary
folders after a disk scan has been completed. This change applies to
the two sub applications i.e. "dcexit.exe" and "retmp.exe".
3. Removed the "Show List - Catalog List" button and replaced it with
a "Browse" button. The "Show List" button was hardly being used. The
new "Browse" button opens Windows® Explorer in the current database's
store directory. NOTE: We are currently busy with coding an internal
database store browser. This new browser will give the user an option
to either browse the catalog and database store by using Windows®
Explorer or the internal function.
4. Removed the "Browse Store" context menu item inside the catalog
list. Since the program is using the new "Browse" button function as
mentioned before, we felt that the context menu entry has become
5. The program is now using and displaying a slightly larger UI font.
It gathers the current system font settings when run i.e. "Segoe UI"
as in Windows® 7. Font size in the program is set at 10. If the system
font cannot be found or configured for use in the program then it will
revert to the "Tahoma" font which is native on almost all Windows®
6. Changed the "About" dialog to be separated from the main program's
7. Added a program settings button and dialog where the user can
change and configure certain basic program settings. The help file
for the program has also been updated accordingly.
8. Changed parameters on the 7za.exe (7-Zip) archiving utility to
include options to scan and index empty folders within a path also.
9. Changed parameters on the 7za.exe (7-Zip) archiving utility to
include scanning inside supported archives found in a path and also
create zero byte replicas of the files inside. Recursion depth has
been set to level 1 for now. This function is available and
applicable only when creating catalogs for CD-DVD (CDROM) drives.
Supported formats are .7z, .xz, .bzip2, .gzip, .tar, .zip and .cab.
NOTE: A new sub application called "dcarch.exe" will take care of
scanning inside archives in a given path. This sub is called from
within the main application when a CDROM drive type is being scanned.
10. Changed certain parameters when using the Windows® command
processor. The Windows® command processor is mostly used for helping
to create file listings of target directories.
11. Added an option to include file listings inside catalog archive
files. This will enable the user to view a directory listing of the
contents of a catalog in text format when opening and browsing the
ZIP archives of catalogs by using Windows® Explorer.


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