SlyNFO Viewer Changelog

Product:    SlyNFO Viewer v2.0.0.2
Company:    MetalloSoft
App.Type:   NFO, DIZ, Text File Viewer
OS:         Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (x86 and x64)
Language:   English
Licence:    Free

This program was designed for viewing files which are in text format,
specifically NFO files. It features a customizable user interface and
can be configured to automatically handle .nfo and .diz files.

Changelog for SlyNFO Viewer Version 2.0 - April 2014
1.  Added 'Maximize' button to toolbar with [F11] hotkey support.
This button maximizes the current open window to the full desktop
width and height.
2.  Added a 'Select All' option to the Tools [F3] context menu on the
toolbar. Using this function will now select all text in the open
document. Also works when pressing (CTRL + A) hotkeys together.
3.  Added underlined keyboard shortcuts to the context menu items in
the Tools [F3] menu. This will allow the user to use keyboard
shortcuts to access commands in the Tools context menu.
4.  Added a 'Keep On Top' function in the Tools [F3] context menu.
This will allow for the option to keep the viewer's window always
on top of other open windows. A radio button will now indicate the
application's window z-ordering state in this context menu entry.
5.  Added a tray menu mode for the application and includes exiting and
minimizing the application to the tray area.
6.  Recent Items: Fixed a bug where the program did not keep the correct
number of recent items that the user has specified in the settings.
A minimum of 20 and maximum of 100 recent items can be specified in
the input box inside the settings dialog.

Changelog for SlyNFO Viewer Version - October 2014
1.  Changed the obfuscation level in the program code. This is due to
security issues that has recently surfaced when some anti-virus
systems reported false positives on the program.
Please refer to the "Virus Reports" section in the program ReadMe
document for more information.

Changelog for SlyNFO Viewer Version - August 2015
1.  Minor code chages: Added compatibility for Windows® 8.1.
2.  Website changes: Updated website address and contact details.

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