SlyNFO Viewer Readme

Product:    SlyNFO Viewer v2.0.0.2
Company:    MetalloSoft
App.Type:   NFO, DIZ, Text File Viewer
OS:         Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (x86 and x64)
Language:   English
Licence:    Free

This program was designed for viewing files which are in text format,
specifically NFO files. It features a customizable user interface and
can be configured to automatically handle .nfo and .diz files.

SlyNFO viewer is a utility designed for viewing NFO and DIZ files,
including files containg plain text.

NFO and DIZ files usually contain release information about software or
digital media. If the NFO or DIZ file is for software it will contain
the installation notes for that particular package, whereas if it is for
digital media like a video or music file it will contain release
information like artist names, release dates, track listings etc...
Most NFO files contain ASCII code and special characters to make it look
more exciting, appealing and informative to the reader.

This program does not need installation. It runs in stand alone mode.
The only items that are installable is the file association setups and
shortcuts. SlyNFO Viewer offers the option to Install the program but
this merely involves setting file handling parameters in the registry so
that the program can be used as the default application for viewing NFO
or DIZ files.

Use the native Windows® control panel applet for uninstalling the
software. The program can run from inside removable and optical media
types as well as ISO files and certain archive types, provided that
those programs can handle requests from a program like SlyNFO Viewer to
open the NFO file inside the archive.

1. After starting the program for the first time, open the Settings
dialog in order to set file handling options and colors, text etc.
2. If you have chosen the option to let the program handle NFO (.nfo) or
DIZ (.diz) files by default then the program will automatically open
these files when double clicked.
3. You can choose a specific font, set font attributes and colors,
change the text area background color and set tooltip functioning by
using the Settings dialog. Very simple.
4. Drag and Drop functions are supported for NFO, DIZ and Text files.
Valid shorcuts can also be dropped into the text display area.
5. SlyNFO Viewer also offers the option to have the settings written to
a Batch or VBScript file. This option allows you to run the program via
external command applications. This is usefull if you need to use SlyNFO
Viewer to display your NFO or File ID DIZ to somebody who is using your
applications. See the EXECUTING EXTERNAL COMMANDS section.
6. Furthermore, SlyNFO Viewer also has an option to write settings
inside the NFO file. This means that if the file is double clicked then
SlyNFO Viewer will automatically configure itself to the desired look
and feel that you want for displaying the NFO file.

Besides the standard Exit, Minimize and Maximize buttons there are also
the following toolbar buttons descrided here below with their
corresponding hotkeys in brackets.

ReadMe Help [F1]: Shows this file in the edit control.

Setting [F2]: Opens the settings dialog in order to make changes
affecting the program.

Tools [F3]: This is not a button, but a context menu of the toolbar. Use
this hotkey function by by hovering anywhere over the application
interface and pressing the F3 key. It works the the same as right
clicking on the toolbar. The context menu contains various commands like
stripping ASCII art, text or blank lines from a file and open and view
recent files.

Toggle Wordwrap [F4]: Set wordwap on or off inside the edit control.

Reload [F5]: Refreshes and reloads the current document.

Open File [F6]: Opens the Windows® file open dialog to load a file.

Toggle Transparency [F7]: Reduces the program window tranparency by
50 per cent.

Roll Window [F8]: Rolls the window up so only the toolbar is visible.

Minimize Window [F9]: Minimizes the active window to the taskbar or tray
area, depending current on settings.

Maximize Window [F11]: Maximizes the active window and fills the entire
desktop workspace.

Exit [ESC]: Closes and exits the application entirely.

The basic options are to set colors for the edit conrol display as well
as font attributes. You can also have specific defaults set meaning that
when you select the option to restore defaults then these colors and
fonts will be used to reset the application to what it was before.
You can also disable tooltips when hovering over icons in the toolbar
and adjust the maximum number of items that must be kept in the recent
document history. Selecting the option to allow one instance of the
program will let SLyNFO Viewer close the previous process in order to
load a new file. This is the default setting.

Options to use external file execution commands using Batch Command
files or VB Scripts as well as Init strings are explained in their
respective help files. Use the help button in the settings dialog for
more information on the usage of these features.

Virus Reports:
Some anti virus systems have reported issues, but these were false
positives. The main reason for these reports is that the program code
inside the application have been packed with the use of and obfuscation
module. Obfuscating program code is a method used by many authors. On
the one hand it protects their software from piracy and plagiarism and
on the other hand it makes it harder for virus writers to incorporate
malicious code into their products. MetalloSoft products are shipped to
the various publishers clean and virus free. We can unfortunatly not
predict what virus scanners will detect and what not. It is up to the
antivirus companies to analyze programs and applications properly anyway.

Some issues have been reported and suggestions have been made via Email
and our blogging section on our website. We express our gratitude towards
these users for their input and have made changes to the program inner
workings in order to accomodate their needs as best we could so far.
However, there are still some changes being kept in the pipeline for
future development.

Bug reports, comments and suggestions can be forwarded to the Email
address provided or by posting it on our website where available.

Please refer to the included change log file.

The software is valid only if the original EULA document is included in
the package. If it is not included then discard the defective copy and
obtain a new one.

Thank you very much for taking interest in this software.

Copyright (c) MetalloSoft. EULA Applies. All Rights Reserved