Text IT-BO Changelog

Product: Text IT-BO
Developer: MetalloSoft
Website: http://metallosoft.com/
E-mail: metallosoft@live.com
Application Type: Game Text Chat Helper Application
OS Support: Windows® Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x86 and x64)
Resource Usage: About 4MB of system RAM while running.
Language: English
License: Free

Text IT-BO (Ti-BO) is an enhancement and helper application for
gaming programs like Call of Duty(R): Black Ops II Multiplayer.
The program enables players to send pre-configured text chat messages
to each other via hotkeys. The user can formulate text messages
before or while gaming by using the application's message editor.
This program is NOT a hacking tool and does does replicate any of the
game's executable files, it's operation or instructions; It merely
assist by "typing" the preset messages for the user while busy gaming.

CHANGES: 05/14/2014 v1.1 - v1.1.0.3
1. Added "Save As" button to the internal "Message Editor". This enables
the user to save all messages to a text file.
2. Amended the string replace function where the program did not allow
for punctuation (question marks, commas, brackets etc...) to be used.
This means that message texts can now be sent in raw (wysiwig) format.

CHANGES 05/17/2014 v1.1.0.4
1. Added a message viewer user interface(UI). This UI now runs and shows
as the default startup window and displays the user's text messages. The
UI can be shown and hidden by using a hotkey combination: Ctrl-Alt-V or
by clicking on the minimize button on the right-hand of the title bar.
Window positioning is recorded constantly and the application also
remembers it's last position on screen.
2. Changed and updated the tray menu and it's functioning.

CHANGES 05/22/2014 v1.1.0.5
1. Added a function to keep the message viewer UI always on top of other
open windows. This function will not affect the game's main window or
interface if the game is running in full screen mode. This option can be
toggled on or off via the program's tray menu.
2. Changed the mouse cursor that used to be shown when hovering over the
UI's main title bar. It used to be the native Windows® "move" cursor and
is now the normal Windows® "arrow" cursor.
3. Added extra functioning for hotkeys. If the program detects that a
message string is empty then it will unload that particular hotkey from
memory. This also means that when the message text is left empty inside
any of the message edit boxes inside the Message Eitor then the hotkey
for that particular message will be disabled.
In Short: Leave the text in the box empty in order to have that hotkey
4. Changed the program's window styling so that it's taskbar icon will
not be shown anymore, only it's tray icon.

CHANGES 09/10/2015 v1.9.0.9
1. Added a functionality/compatibilty for Windows® 8.1 and 10.
2. Changed the applications working directory from the actual
program's residing directory to the user's program data directory.
Note: The program package will consist only of one single file
named "Ti-BO". Copy this file to any directory where you want to run
it from, or create shorcuts to it, pin it to the start menu, add it to
the Steam applications list or whatever options you want.

Copyright (c) MetalloSoft. EULA Applies. All Rights Reserved