Toggle IT ReadMe

Product: Toggle IT v1.0.0.2
Developer: MetalloSoft
Application Type: System Utility (Shell Tool)
OS Support: Windows® Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x86 and x64)
NOTE: Windows® XP and Pre-XP Not Supported
Language: English
License: Free

Context Menu Enhancements and Tweaks for WINDOWS® VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

This program was designed as a system utility/ tweak application.
It's main purpose is for the user to create his/her own context
menu entries i.e. like right clicking on a folder item or the
background inside an open window or the desktop. This is not a
program that will be used on a daily basis. The settings can be
applied at the initial run of the program and then left to be...
Just like a tweaking application.

If you wish to incorporate this program into your own, then please
contact us at the e-mail address provided in order to obtain a copy
of the executable. We will gladly assist.

The program does not need any installation and runs totally in
stand-alone mode. Files that do get extracted and copied, however
are all the normal program interface related files like bitmaps
and readme documents. The library (DLL) hosting the program's
icons will also be extracted and copied from the executable itself
to the Common Files directory on the system.

Shortcuts: The program will automatically create a shortcut in the
Start Menu root directory called "Toggle IT".

NOTE: Good practice would be to place the Toggle IT executable file
in a directory of it's own and leave it there for the duration of
usage. This will ensure that the commands the program will execute
at runtime stays relative to it's location.
An ideal location would be:
C:\Program Files\MetalloSoft\ToggleIT
Create the directory above and place the executable file in there
and run it.

The program obviously does not need uninstallation, but and please
remember the following:

If you decide to discard (delete) the program, make sure to run it
once more just to reset all system settings to the defaults.

Also refer to the commandline section below for an option to remove
program data, context menu entries created by the program etc...  

The settings that Toggle IT adjusts during runtime are all settings
that are normally accessable to any Windows® environment user. For
example, the option to show or hide hidden files and folders in
Explorer are accessable from within the Folder Options control
panel applet. So is the the option to have only icons shown and not
thumbnails. The navigation pane setting can be adjusted by selecting
"Organize" on the toolbar in any window.

Toggle IT just speeds up the process by giving access to these
settings via a context (right click) menu. It's quicker to right
click and change a setting than to open a control panel applet.

There are currently three context menu enhancements available in
the program so far.

TOGGLE HIDDENS: A context menu (right click) entry to toggle
all hidden files and folders, file extentions and system files and
folders on or off. This context menu item can be accessed by either
right clicking on a folder or on the desktop or folder background.
When the menu item is selected then hidden items will be shown and
when it is selected afterwards then hidden items in Explorer will
be out of sight again.

TOGGLE THUMBS: A context menu entry to toggle thumbnail views in
Explorer on or off. This includes AVI and PDF file previews and
images. In essence, the little image file previews you see in a
window will only show the generic image icon and not the tiny
picture. The same applies to AVI and PDF type files. The main
purpose here is to allow the system to load items in a just
opened folder quicker, without waiting for Explorer to extract all
the little thumbnails first. Windows® can sometimes take quite a
while to load thumbnail previews.

Custom Folder Icon:
Another cool feature with Toggle IT is the option to use a custom
'closed' folder icon to show as the actual folder icons after
thumbnails have been toggled off.

TOGGLE NAVPANE: The folder navigation pane can sometimes take up
a lot of space especially on the smaller desktops. Here you can
show or hide this pane whenever you need to let your open windows
look a little bit more classic without the navigation pane. Unlike
Toggle Hiddens and Toggle Thumbs, the change from showing or hiding
the navigation pane does not take effect emmediately. The user has
to at least browse forward and then backwards inside an open window
in order to have the navigation pane in a shown or hidden state.

It is possible to execute the program via command line and includes
the use of parameters. The 'raw' commandline would be the full path
to the program for example: C:\Program Data\ToggleIT.exe
Possible parameters to include are: HID, THMB, NAV, DEF

Sample command line: C:\Program Data\ToggleIT.exe HID
(Note the single space between the path and "HID")
This will execute the function to toggle hidden items on or off.
If "HID" is relaced with "THMB" then thumbnails will get toggled and
"NAV" will toggle the navigation pane on or off.
If the parameter is not correctly specified then the program will
just run in window mode. Same as double-clicking on the executable.

Sample batch file for executing the program with special functioning:
  CD %1
  SET EXEPATH=ToggleIT.exe
In this case it is presumed that the batch command file will be in
the same directory as the ToggleIT executable file. Adjust the
"EXEPATH" section accordingly if the program executable is going
to get called from elsewhere. The "PARAMS" section will contain
the function to call inside the program. In this case it will be to
execute the "Toggle Hiddens" function.

The "DEF" parameter will reset all settings that were previously
changed by the program to the Windows® defaults i.e. hidden items
will be hidden again, thumbnails will be shown and the navigation
pane will also be visible again.
NOTE: The "DEF" parameter can also be used as an uninstaller command.
Remember to enclose a path with inverted commas if it has spaces in.

This program does not use any system resources whatsoever, only
at runtime, meaning that when you select 'Toggle Hiddens' for
instance, then only does the action take place.

There are numerous context menu tweaks and enhancements available
for development, but the three most effective one's have been
included for now. We are currently working on more and will have
them included in future releases. This little program have the
potential to grow and grow...


Changelog for Toggle IT Version - April 2014
1.  Fixed: False Positives by some Anti-Virus systems.
    AV Systems in question: McAfee, VBA32, Avira
    Changed packing and obfuscation parameters for code. Some Anti-Virus
    scanners detected suspicious code in the program when it has been
    compiled using obfuscation methods. Obfuscation in code has been
    disabled for now.

Changelog for Toggle IT Version - August 2015
1.  Minor code chages: Added compatibility for Windows® 8.1.
2.  Website changes: Updated website address and contact details.

None so far, but please feel free to report bugs and
suggestions to the e-mail address provided.

The software is valid only if the original EULA document
is included in the package. If it is not included then
discard the defective copy and obtain a new one.

Thank you very much for taking interest in this software.

Copyright (c) MetalloSoft. EULA Applies. All Rights Reserved