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Privacy Statement

The following privacy statement applies to all publisized websites, services and products as well as support services and forums related to and MetalloSoft ("the company"). The privacy statement here furthermore applies only to websites or services linking to this particular statement whereas other websites or services related to the company will have their own privacy policies and statements.

As a visitor or user of our website, services and products it will be aknowledged that the user or visitor has read the contents of this page entirely and understands the contents of this page. If the user or visitor does not accept our privacy policy then the user or visitor must either lodge a formal enquiry with the owner of this website by email or refrain from visiting or using the services here.

Contact details

The term "contact details" refers to email adresses, telephone numbers and physical location where applicable. MetalloSoft will only use the user or visitor's contact details for office use, period. The term "office use" means that we will be using the user or visitor's contact details only to contact him or her directly when and if necessary. The company does not collect data from our visitors or users for use within our website, services or products. Where a forum, blog or testimonial section is concerned, the client details displayed within that particular service will only be the user or visitor's avatar, gravatar (if any) and user name. Client email, and any other adresses or contact details will not be displayed publicly even if the user or visitor has asked for it to be made available to other users and visitors.

Sharing client details

The company undertakes to keep any and all contact details of users and visitors as private as humanly possible. We do not believe in sharing contact details with any other third parties.

Spam and junk mail

MetalloSoft will not spam it's users or visitors with junk mail and the like. Futhermore and as said before we will never reveal client contact details to any third party.

Social media

Where applicable, if a user or visitor wants to share anything from our website or products via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other third party social media intrest, then the user or visitor will do so at his or her's own discretion. MetalloSoft reserves the right to also share user and visitor comments or blog and forum entries via social media. However, the company will not disclose any client contact details with social media sites at all.


With exception to our standing policies regarding user and visitor privacy, this document is not final and might still be amended.

Enquiries related to this publication can be forwarded via email to:


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