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SlyNFO NFO Viewer with a difference.v2.0

SlyNFO is a neat and lightweight application made for viewing text and special ASCII art inside NFO files. It features a customizable user interface, hotkey support and basic text editing functions like stripping ASCII art inside NFO files. The user can, with the help of a built-in settings dialog, change interface background colors and fonts and set the program to handle NFO and DIZ files on the system by default. The program can be run via command line with parameters thus setting it's user interface to desired layouts and colors beforehand. SlyNFO Viewer runs in stand-alone mode and does not need any special installation.



Release Info

Version: (current)
Application type:  NFO, DIZ, Text file viewer
Install Support:  No installation needed
OS Requirements:  Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
OS Bits:  32 and 64-bit
System Requirements:  CPU 1.6 GHz, RAM 512MB, Any GPU
Language:  English
License:  Free
Support Documents:  ReadMe | Changelog | EULA | PAD (xml)
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SlyNFO Viewer
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