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Text IT-BO is an in-game chat texting helper application for online games. The program enables players to send pre-configured text chat messages to each other via hotkeys which is formulated before or while gaming by using the application's message editor. The program then assists by "typing" preset messages for the user while busy gaming. Gamers often send fellow teammates or opponents text messages like "Well played all..." or "We must win this round". This involves pressing a pre-defined game key, like "T" or "Y" in order to chat to other players and then physically typing the message text which will in turn be displayed inside the game's UI (user interface).

Things Can Get Busy Sometimes...
If you are a gamer online, you'll agree that pausing inside a mission in order to type some message to other players might get you canned and can waste some valuable time. This is where Text IT-BO comes in handy. It's extremely fast, runs in the background and has pre-defined texts which can be sent to the game's UI in order to speed up the process of typing a text message to fellow players. These messages are activated by pressing a Text IT-BO hotkey (like [F1] or [NUM1] for instance) to send some text to the game's text-chat interface.

Example Usage:
Let's say you are playing a hardcore mission in Call of Duty(R): Black Ops II Multiplayer online and have accidentally shot and killed a fellow teammate. This happens often enough in hardcore games and you frequently see chat messages popping up where the player then apologizes to the teammate for the mistake. Instead of pausing in order to type the message, you will be able to use Text IT-BO to send a pre-defined line of text to the game's UI and therefore have the message displayed in no time. By pressing the game's hotkey, like the "Y" button to activate the game chat message sub and then pressing the relevant Text IT-BO hotkey like [F1], to type the message for you, and then hitting the [ENTER] key will send your message straight to the game's chat UI and save you valuable time.

Important Info

Text IT-BO is NOT a hacking tool and does does replicate any of a game's executable files, it's operation or instructions. Instead, it merely assists by "typing" preset messages for a player while busy gaming. Text IT-BO runs local only, does not connect online and has no interference with online bandwidth usage.



Release Info

Version: (current)
Application type:  In-game text chat helper
Install Support:  No installation needed
OS Requirements:  Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
OS Bits:  32 and 64-bit
System Requirements:  CPU 1.7 GHz, RAM 512MB, Any GPU
Language:  English
License:  Free
Support Documents:  ReadMe | Changelog | EULA | PAD (xml)

CONTACT US to let us know what you think of Text IT-BO; what else there is that we can do or add to make it work in other games also and further enhancements or changes you would like to see in this program.

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