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Toggle IT

...a nifty context menu enhancement tool.v1.0

Toggle IT is a context menu enhancement and tweaking application for Windows® Explorer. It features the ability to create Desktop context menu entries in Explorer and these menu entries are then used to toggle certain system settings on or off like hidden files and folders or thumbnails etc.

For example, when a user wishes to view hidden files in a certain directory then all he/she has to do is to right-click on the Desktop or inside the current folder and select the "Toggle Hiddens" menu item. Doing this will show all hidden (even super-hidden) items in the specified folder. To restore the default settings, the user can just repeat the same process as before.

The same element works for toggling thumbnail views on or off. In this instance the small thumbnails of images, video and PDF files are 'switched' on or off.

Toggle IT runs in stand-alone mode and does not need any special installation.


Release Info

Version: (current)
Application type:  Context menu tool for Explorer
Install Support:  No installation needed
OS Requirements:  Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
OS Bits:  32 and 64-bit
System Requirements:  CPU 1.6 GHz, RAM 512MB, Any GPU
Language:  English
License:  Free
Support Documents:  ReadMe | Changelog | EULA | PAD (xml)
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Toggle IT
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