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Responsive HTML

This is a colorfull, royalty free Responsive HTML5 website template by MetalloSoft. You may download and modify it for personal or commercial use. Credit links and references have been attached for development purposes but you may remove these links if you want to. You may view our terms HERE.

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Expressing Gratitude

Although we have designed this web template, it doesn't necessarily mean that our products or designs are supported or endorsed by the Mozilla Foundation. The primary purpose of this template was to express our gratitude towards Mozilla for having kept Firefox alive, healthy and very well fed.

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Stronger Than Ever

We don't know exactly what they're feeding Firefox. Also, it's not getting any older. It's as young and fresh as ever; yet stronger and more mature. Of the many features and add-ons Firefox has to offer, we have not even begun to scratch the surface but for the sake of this template we have included a few.

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SAMPLE DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This sample notice describes that information contained in this website template or any related media and downloadable content is for general information purposes only and is provided, as is. Any reliance you place on such contents is therefore strictly at your own risk.

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This web template is free for private or commercial use.

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Features...learn more.


Firefox relies on an extension (add-on) system to allow users to modify their browsers according to their needs. It uses this system instead of providing all features in the standard installation package. It's pretty easy to customize Firefox and make it work the way you want it to. Not many browsers out there have these abilities.



Firefox is extremely easy to personalize and customize the way you want it to look and feel.



Get quick access to browser features you use most in your menu with the "Customize" panel.



The Mozilla community has made a gazillion themes available for you to style your browser.



Access features, settings, bookmarks and everything from any device with the Sync function.



Protecting your browsing history from other users and keeping it to yourself is super easy.



An exclusive feaure of Firefox is to "tell" active sites not to track your doings and info online.

Icons8 glyphs courtesy of VisualPharm, the UI design company. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 agreement.

One-Of-Us...a Firefox story.


The following article is a true story on how it came about that I am using the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.

Charlie Lates - August 2015

I'm sure many people will know that when you work in the IT industry, your neighbors (and family) will often regard you as their computer guru, their saviour when it comes to fixing computer related problems. Well, in my street, I am that guy. Sometimes, I have to face things like: "I kicked my computer's box last night because it didn't want to turn on. Before I kicked it, the lights where on, but now nothing happens...can you fix it, please?" Yep, in my street, I'm the guy that fixes those kind of things. Sometimes.

Just recently, I had to refurbish a neighbor's PC and reinstall his operating system. Upon reaching the point where I had to also reinstall his software and applications, I asked him which Internet browser he normally uses on his PC. Now why would I ask a PC user something like that? Isn't that a rhetorical question when we know that the OS on a PC has a browser included already? And everybody uses that one? No it's not. You have a choice. I sensed a bit of reluctancy, and had to be a little more persuasive. You see, I was preparing to "sell" him the browser that I've been using for years. Firefox. However I was going to need something more. I needed a punchline, a secret code. Something that will persuade him to switch. A discussion followed and he eventually agreed on trying a new browser other than the resident one. During this and amongst the advantages shared with him on using Firefox, I ended up saying: "Good, I will install Firefox and soon enough you'll become...One Of Us.

I have used this term with many clients, including friends and family, over the years and there's always been a connotation to Firefox attached to it. A kind of "religious" one, if I may say so. It all started one day during August of 2008 while listening to Derek "The Bandit" Richardson's podcast featured on the cover disk included in that month's copy of SA Computer Magazine. One of his topics during the podcast was the release of Firefox Version 3.0. Apparently, it's been highly anticipated at that stage and him and Regardt van der Berg, then editor of SA Computer Magazine, did a whole and lenghty FAB (features, advantages, benefits) casting on Firefox.

While they were busy talking, I opened the disk in Explorer, ventured to the package release and installed it. Still busy listening to these two gentlemen, I opened my new found browser, checked out all the geek stuff they were busy pointing out and then I heard "The Bandit" say: ..."One Of Us". The context in which Derek used that phrase related to whoever uses Firefox has to have someting special going for them. It stuck. So much so that to this day I'm still using that phrase and Firefox. Everywhere.

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SACM Switched-On Podcast
August 2008

Featuring Derek "The Bandit" Richardson

Get Firefox. Be One-Of-Us!
Since the day when I first listened to this podcast , I have gone through 37 versions of Firefox and have never looked back. Thanks to Derek "The Bandit" and Regardt. Thanks to Mozilla Firefox.

This website template including the complete cover CD and all related content can be downloaded HERE.

Jump and share.

We invite you to become a part of what we are doing here. That's right! Create Firefox-themed templates, like we've done with this one. Whether you are an aspiring developer or you just like designing web stuff, it can be exciting.

And it's so easy to start. For example, take an existing template, change the images and color schemes to someting that'll fit in with the Firefox colors, add an article or two and that's it. Bob's your uncle! After that all you have to do is CONTACT US to have your template published. It's free. There's no competition. It's about sharing and showcasing your unique themed designs with the world.


There's more to just designing a Firefox themed web template and posting it online. It’s about spreading the word and good name of the Internet browser we all came to love. It's about loyalty, learning, collaborating and sharing with a global community of Mozillians - coders, activists and more. People who help shape the Web every day. It's about becoming One-Of-Us.

As per Mozilla: "...we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. We believe this act of human collaboration across an open platform is essential to individual growth and our collective future." Now that's awesomeness!

There are a tiny bit of friendly rules (terms), we ask that you keep in mind when submitting templates to MetalloSoft for hosting on our website. Not much, but there has to be, just so that we can all understand what is expected and to collaborate without any hick-ups. Also refer to our TERMS page for further information or email us at:

Please keep the following in mind:

  1. The website template you design must be totally royalty free. Visitors to this website or any other MetalloSoft website must be able to use it (after downloading) and be granted explicit permissions (inside the template's contents) to modify or change it the way they see fit. It's the same conditions that applies to our free downloadable web designs on our site HERE. We will offer these specific templates free-of-charge. Users will be able to download them and use them as if it were their own.
  2. Templates must be themed accordingly. The operative theme is Mozilla Firefox and only that. Make sure that extras and images (banners, glyphs, icons) compliment your design and the Firefox theme.
  3. We kindly ask that you do not use your template to advertise YOUR website, brand, business or any other. We're doing this to promote the Mozilla Firefox brand. Keep it clean and cool and free of unnecessary download links, advertisements and so on.
  4. Enclose proper copyright notices and credits, where applicable, for media used and contained within your web template's contents like images, icons, fonts and so forth. Remember also to keep in mind that the Mozilla Foundation has trademarks and copyright on their emblems, icons, images and other materials related to their products. Please respect that.
  5. IMPORTANT: Please contact us at the email address above when you are ready with your template. Include in your email a download link to the complete ZIP package for downloading. The package MUST include ALL relevant files needed for the website template. We cannot accept incomplete packages. Also include a short description of the template and the author's name.
  6. Templates will be hosted on our HTML Template Gallery Page, or similar, depending on how much response we will getting from template designers (we surely hope there will be a lot). If you look at our template gallery you'll see it's pretty straight forward. Downloadable templates are advertized with an image thumbnail representing the template, two or three keywords, an author tag and a preview and download link. That's how we will be displaying your template for instance.

SIDE NOTE: There is a plethora of places on the web offering HTML templates for free, including guidelines and tutorials. Please familiarize yourself with what royalty free templates are, how to use it and how to create your own.

Some of the images in this website were supplied courtesy of Pixabay ; a repository for stunning public domain pictures.

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The contents in this download includes all files relevant to this HTML template, but excludes the original podcast featured on the magazine cover CD.


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Download everything featured in this website template including original contents of the magazine cover CD.
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SAMPLE DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This sample notice describes that information contained in this website template or any related media and downloadable content is for general information purposes only and is provided, as is. Any reliance you place on such contents is therefore strictly at your own risk. us.


Firefox... a community made up of thousands of contributors, coders and activists believing in the power of freedom, technology, and enriching people's lives.

..believe, strive and build.

Born with a passion for commitment

Since it's release in 2004, Mozilla Firefox has become the heart of a global community. They are dedicated, hard working individuals striving to improve the way people experience the Internet. It's a community who passionately believes in commitment towards millions of Internet users worldwide. It's an open source software project of which it's code has been shared and used as foundation for a vast number of innovational web projects.

...resource, encourage and focus.

choice, innovation and opportunity online

The common thread that runs throughout Mozilla is our belief that, as the most significant social and technological development of our time, the Internet is a public resource that must remain open and accessible to all. With this in mind, our efforts are ultimately driven by our mission of encouraging choice, innovation and opportunity online. To achieve these goals, we use a highly transparent, extremely collaborative process that brings together thousands of dedicated volunteers around the world with our small staff of employees to coordinate the creation of products like the Firefox web browser. This process is supported by the Mozilla Corporation, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. In the end, the Mozilla community, organization and technology is all focused on a single goal: making the Internet better for everyone."Facebook

Mozilla, Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, the Mozilla logo, the Mozilla Firefox logo, and the Mozilla Firefox interfaces are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation. Images and content relating to Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox are subject to the Mozilla Foundation copyright notices as per publications contained in their websites.